Sunday, June 26, 2005 maybe there is hope afterall...

'Europe unites in hatred of French'

Being an American, albeit simply by happenstance, living in Colombia, there's not a day that goes by that I don't find myself more amazed at the truly significant differences between cultures and customs throughout the world.

Typically, it's something as insignificant as my finding displeasure in having the stranger in line behind me firmly press their bodys up against mine and breath an unbelievably hot, moist breath in the small of my back...even though there's absolutely no one in line behind one...nothing...nada...just cool, fresh, fallacious openedness.

Other times, it's more significant as in the approach the Colombian legal system chooses to maintain, not very well mind you, order. I've traveled quite a bit in my day and studied even more...never have I happend upon an equally established, sofisticated, modern society that accepts a simply "I'm sorry" for sufficient retribution to having killed 100s and displaced 1000s more.

Being a guest, I respect the differences and only speak out when asked, this minor tirade asside. Not only do I find it offensive for a guest to offer unsolicited opinions of cultural norms but generally the opinion is non-factual and simlpy wrong. Well, except for those times when it's my opinion...and of course it's always 100% dead on.

With all that said, I'm struck by how truely influential I've been western Europe. Finally...yes finally...the neighbors of France have discovered that the French are truely a waste of flesh and blood... blood does run in their viens no? or is it some over-priced, over-hyped, over-pampered, over-... okay just over... bourdeux?

And their neighbors aren't holding back... When asked what five adjectives sum up the French, "The answers were overwhelmingly negative." Love it. Absolutely. Generally, I don't get excited about news coming out of Europe becuase it's typcically just more belly-aching about the all-powerful and bad United States. But finally, our western European allies are actually coming to our side... they're finally voicing a 'fact' that Americans have known for generations.

Alas, there is hope...what a glorious day indeed.